Financial Professionals

Alpha Investment Management works directly with financial professionals who are interested in providing their clients with investment strategies that offer a long-term, systematic approach to risk management and preservation of capital. By working together, we can accomplish the mutual goal of delivering consistently positive long-term results to your clients without the heart-stopping volatility that often accompanies traditional equity investments.

Where to Invest

Alpha manages its strategies in separately managed accounts as a sub-investment advisor at:

We also manage our strategies as a third-party investment advisor at:

Please contact Alpha Investment Management at 877-229-9400 for more information about our investment management services.

Some or all of our strategies are available as model portfolios on the following TAMPs and UMA investment platforms:

  • Adhesion Wealth Advisor Solutions
  • Envestnet:   Unified Manager Platform (UMP)
                         TD Ameritrade Institutional UMAX Platform
  • Eqis Capital Management
  • Folio Institutional
  • Fusion Capital Management

Call our office at 877-229-9400 for more information.