Alpha Investment Management offers quantitative-based investment strategies for conservative investors seeking long-term growth of capital.

Alpha's risk management discipline is founded on the fact that the long-term returns of the stock market are not distributed randomly over time. As a result, our strategies are based on consistent, reliable "seasonal trends" which reveal that the long-term returns of the stock market are skewed into certain periods of the year and during certain periods within the four-year presidential election cycle. We believe that seasonal trends are based on the one thing that never changes - human nature - and, as such, we believe they will continue to persist long into the future just as they have across many decades of U.S. and international stock market history.

Because of our unique investment method, it is important to note that our strategies do not adapt to changing market conditions. Instead, they are rule-based and calendar-driven, which means that trades are predetermined in advance based on the instructions of each strategy. Our investment method is passive and mechanical within a formula-driven tactical asset allocation discipline.

To examine in detail how Alpha incorporates seasonal trends into our investment strategies, please go to the Strategies & Performance section of this website where you will find brochures and fact sheets for each strategy.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Please click here to read the in-depth interview with Alpha's Director of Research, Jay Kaeppel, published in the July 2020 issue of Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine.

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