In addition to working with unaffiliated financial intermediaries, Alpha Investment Management may also offer our current investment strategies directly to retail investors that meet our suitability and minimum account requirements.

Retail investors that come to us directly would be required to open an account at E*TRADE Advisor Services, a full-service trusted custodian. The types of accounts we manage include: IRAs, Roth IRAs, Individual, Joint, and Trusts. For those investors seeking tax-deferral, we also offer management of our strategies utilizing the Jefferson National Monument Advisor low-cost variable annuity offered by Nationwide Advisory Services. However, prior to opening an account with us, we strongly urge investors to consult with a tax professional to fully understand the tax consequences of each option.

Investors should be aware that we are not a financial planner or wealth manager. We do not offer investors financial planning, estate planning, tax advice, long-term income planning, budgeting, etc. Instead, our investment management services are limited to the provision of the investment strategy selected. We provide investment management services on a discretionary basis pursuant to authority granted to us in the client Investment Advisory Agreement. Pursuant to this discretionary authority we are authorized to determine which securities are bought and sold, the total amount to be bought and sold, and the costs at which transactions will be effected.

Retail investors that are interested in engaging our services should first review the following documents:

Form CRS - Client Relationship Summary: This summary will assist a prospective client to decide whether an investment advisory relationship with Alpha Investment Management is best in light of services, fees and other factors.

Form ADV Part 2A - Firm Disclosure Brochure: This brochure provides information about the qualifications and business practices of Alpha Investment Management. It is designed to provide prospective and current clients with information useful in employing and/or retaining our firm.

If you would like to engage our investment management services or to request more information, please contact our office at 513-621-9400.

Important Documents
for Investors

Form CRS - Client Relationship Summary

ADV Part 2A - Firm Disclosure Brochure

Investment Philosophy

Notice of Privacy Practices

Business Continuity Plan Summary